Exciting new arrivals !

Our favourite family of business shirts just got bigger !

This season  we have been a huge fan of the Studio Italia  range of business shirts ,

they have proven to be awesome shirts to wear ,easy to maintain and a great modern  fit! 

Up until now they were only available in plain colours so this week we were excited to receive our first drop

of the new seasonal checks and patterns!

Four new designs were added to our range  and these are the same superb base cloth that we have enjoyed selling so much.

If you haven`t treated yourself  to  one of these , you must ! They are without doubt the best business shirt on the market .

Check them out in store , or on facebook  at www.facebook.com/MaleManorBrisbane/ and insta  @ male_manor !

Buy them online 24/7  at https://malemanor.com.au



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