Talk to the specialists in Formal Hire.......MALE MANOR !

When the time comes that the invitation arrives in your mailbox that reads "Black Tie" or "Formal Attire" and you have no idea and say to yourself "I'll never wear a dinner suit again!", then talk to the team at Male Manor about our premium hire options.
Our Black Tie event hire packages deliver exceptional value, starting at only $169. We can offer three levels of Black Tie Dinner Suit Packages, all designed to suit your budget.
However, we often find that our in-store purchase package prices make it even greater value to buy a suit, that you will only have to wear it one more time to have it pay for itself!
We also offer three classic Business Suit Hire Packages, starting at $199 which are suitable for Father of the Bride or Groom, interviews or weddings.
We are certain that we can find the right package to suit your event, all our suits are premium quality and adjusted to suit you!
So visit the team @ Male Manor now for all your Formal hire requirements!