Big news from the team @Male Manor !

Good Afternoon,


Thank you to all our loyal supporters and fans of Male Manor menswear, it is a great pleasure that I bring you the first blog for many months.


It has been a tumultuous year with the post Covid recovery and pleased to say that with a lot of very hard work we have managed to work through the many  difficulties that we were faced with.

 The first hurdle was our shop email !

 The admin email our website and online store was associated with was hacked and after many hours with our digital agency and  telco company we were convinced that the email had been hacked and was unrecoverable.

 Problem then lies that this led to an inactivity with our online store which then lead that to be put into hibernation and couldn't be accessed because of the compromised email address.

 So finally after months and months of investigations we have finally recovered our website email address for Administration and been able to recover administration to the Male Manor website and online store.

 You will see many changes over the next few months with a lot of new product being loaded on and you will also notice the demise and removal of all New England and Studio Italia product .

 This was another hurdle we faced several months ago when the parent company for Studio Italia and New England went into liquidation virtually overnight.

 This left us and many other retailers across Australia clambering to get stock to fill store orders ,wedding orders and corporate orders, we were given no notice Friday when operating and then Monday they were totally closed much to our dismay.

  We have now been working very closely with several other excellent suppliers and have the product in store now and it is proving to be a huge success and very well received by our customers.

 So in the next few months there will be a change to products available and if there is a New England or Studio Italia product showing on our website please call or Email the store for size availability because it will only be what we have in stock as we cannot access any of the past stock through the liquidators.

 So now with all that behind us I'm pleased to say we had an exciting spring carnival and race season and it's great to see all the corporate functions back on, black-tie events ,awards nights people heading off on cruises and just generally travelling again.


The team at Male Manor has had a few changes with two new additions and we would love you to meet them in store to introduce them to you .

 Welcome William and Cian !

 So from now on hopefully it will be smooth sailing and we will keep you up-to-date with a lot more of the sale events and specials happening at Male Manor .

Thank you once again for your tremendous instore support and patronage throughout this year , we really appreciate it !

Best wishes from the team @ Male Manor


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